About Me

Hello, I am Anthony Bozzo. I am a late-twenties “kid” living in the Twin Cities metro. I grew up in Central Minnesota and have spent my life as a normal white male. Throughout my life I have avoided most conflicts. I am a true Mid-Westerner, I avoid conflict and attempt to be very pleasant and nice to other people. With that mindset, it is easy to realize why I decided to avoid the idea of discussing Politics. I just believed what others around me were saying. At one point I remember a neighbor boy talking about how John Kerry was going to take “all our guns away,” and we used that notion alone to say we stand with Bush. As a young teen at the time, it didn’t really mean anything because I could not vote or ever even talked about it. I didn’t even own a gun, or lived in a house with a gun, when this seemed to bother me, but it was obvious it was bothering other people I know and so I assumed I should agree. This would surround my ideas of politics for a number of years.

Fast forward to College when President Obama was elected. My first election where I could vote. On my campus, a fairly left-winged Catholic University (crazy I know), it was popular to lean towards Obama and so I proceeded to go with the trend and voted for him. Never took the time to think or learn about the policies each stood for and what they really believed. I will say I knew some of the major social issues and where each stood; and that had already started to make myself lean left with my Pro-Choice and Marriage Equality stances.

Then fast forward to after College. I give a lot of credit to my Love, Hannah, who helped push me to become a responsible citizen. It meant learning about candidates and voting. Not just for Presidency but also Congress , State and local elections as well. As a Representative Democracy, or at least as we claim (more in episodes later about this hypocrisy), we have the responsibility to help make the Government to work for us and provide direction that is in correlation with ourselves. 2015/2016 has been an even stronger turning point, when I decided I was going to really learn how I feel about the issues we face as a country. I discovered that I was not just Liberal, but far left. Not something I expected.

I now classify myself as a PROGRESSIVE.