Episode 004 – What is needed for the future of Democratic Party?

A look into the things the Democratic Party needs to do to change. Also looking at how they are refusing to change and that might be the complete death of the Party. I have distanced myself from the Party and not sure how they will be able to recover with the current state and atmosphere around the Party.

Episode 002 – DNC and Primary, HRC vs Bernie

Discussion about the issues within the DNC Primary and why I, and others have lost faith with Democratic Party. May be a tough listen for those in love with HRC and/or Obama, so will the next one, just FYI.

Episode 001 – Democrats vs Progressive

This episode takes a look into the big differences between the Democratic party platform and people like myself who consider themselves Progressives. This is a comparison to help expand how some of us have distanced ourselves from the Democratic Party itself.